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Best Time to Visit Lonavala, Season & Month in 2021

Best Time to Visit Lonavala, Season & Month in 2021

Lonavala is the most popular hill station in western India. In fact, it is one of the most preferred weekend getaways for people of Mumbai. The scenic landscapes and enchanting beauty of the place captivates every tourist who visits the place. Lonavala has some amazing tourist attractions and spots for holiday. It’s a perfect holiday destination with your family and friends.

From pristine lakes to mountain peaks, from splendid waterfalls to historic forts, Lonavala is a perfect place to refresh your energy. For accommodation, you have the option of villas, bungalows and homestays in Lonavala. When you plan to visit a hill station, the first thing you take into account is its weather.

The climate of Lonavala is cool all-through-the-year barring the two months of summer. Most tourists plan their visit during winter season and monsoons when the place looks breathtakingly beautiful.

So, what is the best time to visit Lonavala? Well, here is a complete update on the different Lonavala weather.

#1. Lonavala in the Summer Season:

The summer season in Lonavala is humid and the temperature is between 25 to 35 degrees. If you compare this temperature with Mumbai and Pune, then there may be some respite. Unlike Mumbai, you won’t sweat during the summer season in Lonavala.

But, as the Lonavala weather during summer months is harsh, it’s not a great season to visit tourist places.

You won’t get to witness the beauty of green hills and mountain peaks during summer time. Summer season is an ideal season for trekkers. In fact, many adventure lovers plan night trekking and camping in Lonavala during summer time.

The best part about the summer season is you can book hotels or the best resorts in Lonavala at a cheaper rate. An off-season discount can benefit you if you want a quick break from your routine.

You can spend your afternoon indoors and visit scenic places during the evening if you plan to go in summers.

#2. Lonavala in the Rainy Season:

Lonavala in rainy season is simply surreal. The lush greenery amidst the valley views and waterfalls make the place even more mesmerizing. The clouds floating at the hilltops make the place look even more spectacular.

The incessant rainfalls make the place an ideal pick in monsoon season.

Though, its not an ideal time to trek or visit high mountain peaks. Still, you can explore different tourist spots, as the vibe during monsoon is amazing. The best part about monsoon is waterfalls.

The small streams overflowing from mountains are perfect for having a fun time with family and friends. You need to carry your rainproof jackets and extra clothes if you visit Lonavala in monsoons. It’s a great time for sipping some hot tea and having tasty corns.

#3. Lonavala in the Winter Season:

The winter season is perhaps the best season to visit Lonavala. The pleasant sunlight along with cool breeze will refresh you. The temperature in the winter season is between 5 to 18 degrees. It’s the best time for Lonavala sightseeing.

It’s also the best time to indulge in fun adventure activities or trekking with your friends.

Winter season is also the best time to holiday if you need a break from your mundane routine. The only problem with the winter season is the prices of the hotels.

As its the season time in Lonavala, most hotels double their room prices to earn extra profit. This can affect your budget especially if you visit Lonavala during weekends. Winter season is the best season to have a fun time in Lonavala as the climate is just perfect. Winter is also the best time to go Mahabaleshwar, which is another hill station closer to Lonavala.

#The Best Time to Visit Lonavala

Lonavala has a pleasant climate all-through-the-year and tourists throng this place in every season. However, the best time to visit Lonavala is from October to Feb. It’s the time when you can soak up in the magic of winters along with sightseeing and adventure team activities.

The temperature is perfect to indulge in some fun with your loved ones. If you are a nature lover, then the rainy season is the best time to visit Lonavala. The lush green surroundings of the place are a treat to the eyes.

Lonavala is also a perfect romantic getaway, and the rainy season is also the best time to spend some cosy romantic moments with your partner.

#The Seasoned Time

The best season to visit Lonavala is the winter season if you want to have a great time with your family and friends. The beauty of the place enhances during this time making your trip all the more fun.

Are you planning a trip to the spectacular hill station of Lonavala, then book a package in the winter season. For accommodation, take your pick from these best resorts near Mumbai.

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