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13+ Best Beaches in Alibaug For A Splendid Weekend Holiday

13+ Best Beaches in Alibaug For A Splendid Weekend Holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, if you are looking for exciting weekend getaways from Mumbai then we have just the thing in-stored for you with this list of the best beaches in Alibaug.

Alibag beaches are the most sought-after destination to cool off the sultry heat of Mumbai and this laid-back back town offers you much more than just stunning beaches to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Balmy days on the beach combined with finger-licking local cuisine for guilt-free eating and hordes of adventurous activities, a visit to Alibaug is just what you need to refresh your body and mind.

Be it a weekend break with your family, an overnight picnic with your friends or a short team getaway, Alibaug is the just the place for a little rock-roll with people you love. Thus, take a look at this list of the best beaches near Alibaug and plan your trip. Plus, don’t forget to check out these exciting homestays in Alibaug to book a stay now!

#1. Kashid Beach:

Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, Kashid beach lies 30kms away from Alibaug and is one of the spectacular beaches offering idyllic and serene atmosphere with crystal-clear waters and silky expanse of golden sands. A great holiday spot for solo travellers, a group of friends, couples and families, this place will sweep away your troubles for a while, leaving you completely rejuvenated.

The ideal time to visit Kashid beach near Alibaug is during the winter months – October and February, as the summer months, can be a bit harsh. There are ample of water sports activities that you can indulge in at this beach such as banana boat rides, parasailing, jet ski rides and more. Plus, some of the major tourist attractions near Kashid that you ought to visit include the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Murud Janjira Fort. For a luxurious stay in Kashid, you can check out this spacious villa with a pool and to book it, you can make use of the form on your right!

#2. Awas Beach:

A lesser-known Alibaug beach, the Awas beach is situated 16kms from Alibaug. Surrounded by the Casuarina and Suru trees, this beach offers a vast expanse of clean and beautiful seashore that is just waiting to be explored. Located closer to the popular Kihim Beach, this getaway doesn’t offer you much in terms of activities and as such, it is less crowded, making it an ideal retreat for solo travellers and couples who are seeking a place for meditation or relaxation and for undisturbed solitude.

The nearby attractions at this place are the 2 ancient temples – Nageshwar Temple and Pandwadevi Temple and for accommodation, you can check out these exciting properties;

#3. Korlai Beach:

A sleepy hamlet some 23kms from Alibaug, Korlai is a small fishing village known for its historic fort and scenic white & black sandy shores. The Korlai beach is a beautiful vista offering incredible scenery, refreshing waters, and craggy rock formation that are splendid in their simplicity. A great one-day picnic spot for kids, this getaway is filled with historical ruins and the other attractions near the Korlai beach are the lighthouse, which is still in use and the ruins of an old church claimed to be built around the early 16th century.

Owing to its historical significance, this village sees an ongoing influx of tourists from all over the world. Additionally, its calm waters, pleasant environs and offering of lip-smacking coastal delicacies has earned Korlai the title of being one of the best beaches near Alibaug.There are not many accommodation options available at this getaway, however, a few homestays are available such as this splendid beach bungalow. Take a look!

#4. Nagaon Beach :

Encircled with coconut and betel-nut plantations, if you are planning to visit the best beaches in Alibaug then this beach ought to be on your list. Just a short drive from Alibaug, this beach has it all – clear and calm waters, super-clean shorelines despite the throng of tourists, water sporting activities, beach shacks offering tasty seafood with various snacks and much much more.

For a fun weekend with family & friends or with your team-mates, the Nagaon Beach in Alibaug is the perfect holiday destination. Best part, Nagaon is also closer to other popular beaches in and around Alibaug and home to many Portuguese ruins and Buddhist caves. So, for an adventure-filled weekend, pack your bags and head to this place now. Also, here is a contemporary 2BHK bungalow in Nagaon that you can book for a delightful stay.

#5. Akshi Beach:

If you are seeking solitude and quiet time with your loved ones then Akshi beach is your go-to place. Serene, isolated and uncrowded, the Akshi beach in Alibaug is a relaxing and secluded getaway perfect for nature walks, swimming, bird watching, boating and beach bonfires. The calming waters and breathtaking scenery provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. In addition, this place offers you authentic traditional cuisine that will titillate your taste buds.

As a bird watcher’s paradise, the Akshi beach is situated between the Alibaug beach and the Nagaon beach and one of the famous places near Akshi that you can visit is the Kankeshwar Temple. For accommodation, here is a spectacular bungalow with a plunge pool that you can book now using the form on your right!

#6. Kihim Beach:

The next in line for the best beaches near Alibaug is the Kihim beach. Perfect for a family holiday or for partying with friends, the first thing that you are likely to notice when you reach here is the dense cover of Coconut trees that surrounds this beach. At this picturesque beach, you can go surfing or relax and soak up the sun. The shimmering waters invite you for a quick dip, while the surrounding shacks offer a variety of foods that will help make this mini vacation memorable.

The Kihim beach in Alibaug is located just 11kms for the Alibaug centre and owing to its close proximity to a dense forest, you will be able to view some of the rare flora and different species of birds in this area. Plus, for accommodation, here is a boutique tropical resort wherein you can book a stay for a luxurious holiday. This resort is one of the best resorts in Alibaug offering first-class services alongside splendid rooms and delicious cuisine.

#7. Varsoli Beach:

By far the closest beach near Alibaug, the Varsoli beach offers you all the serenity and peace that beaches are famous for along with the refreshing gentle smooth waters ideal for a dive and a long expanse of clean shoreline surrounded by the Casuarina and coconut groves. The Varsoli beach in Alibaug also holds the distinction of being a naval base for the Indian Navy and offers an array of thrilling water sports activities that you can indulge in such as parasailing and jet ski rides among others.

A great holiday spot providing you with superb views of the Arabian sea and dotted with a handful of shacks, to get away from the mundane this weekend head here with your best pals and family and for accommodation, you can book a stay at this amazing beach-side resort in Varsoli.

#8. Mandwa Beach:

A strikingly beautiful beach near Alibaug, the Mandwa Beach is an unspoilt beach with unending views of the sparkling waters peppered with gleaming white sands and craggy stones. Mandwa is a laid-back fishing village and as such, one can enjoy abundant of fresh seafood made with local spices and seasonal ingredients.

This vacation spot is an exciting place for both water sports and nature enthusiasts, as one can take part in varied activities like surfboarding, jet-ski, bumper rides, as well as catch a glimpse of rare butterflies, wildflowers and birds. There is no dearth of the things that you can do here and to make this trip more fun you can book a stay at this magnificent farmhouse with a pool that is situated near Mandwa

#9. Murud Beach:

This is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug. Primarily known for the historic Murud- Janjira fort, the Murud beach can be termed as one the of cleanest beaches near Alibaug in spite of it being a popular tourist attraction. Clean and unpolluted air, clear skies, gentle waters, small tapering hills and a spectacular view of the sea fort in the distance makes this beach an ideal holiday destination for one and all.

This beach offers water sports activities and horse riding. One can also embark on a short hike along the hills. In addition, its gentle waters make this beach a great spot for swimming with kids. The Murud beach is one of the best family getaways and if you are planning a trip to this place then do check out these amazing seaside cottages for an offbeat experience.

#10. Revdanda Beach:

One of the unexplored beaches along the Konkan coastline, the Revdanda Beach offers you a slice of tranquillity and bliss away from the cacophony of bustling city life. A great place to go for camping on weekends with your friends, this beach is immaculate with sparkling sands and azure waters.

Sunset walks along the beach, star-gazing, swimming and BBQ by the bonfire are some of the things that you can enjoy here. The nearby attractions at this place are the Revdanda fort, which is an old Portuguese fort and an old temple of Lord Datta, located on top of the peak.

Situated 17kms from Alibaug, the Revdanda beach provides a serene ambience alongside cool breeze and is a perfect place for quiet contemplation surrounded by soothing green environs. Additionally, for accommodation, here is an awe-inducing traditional homestay with an outdoor swimming pool that you can book right away!

#11. Sasawane Beach:

Part of a quaint and picturesque village, the Sasawane beach is a refreshing getaway popular for its scenic sunrises & sunsets and peaceful & calm atmosphere. This getaway is the best sojourn for those who need a break from the mundane and offers you plenty of fun and adventure-filled activities that will keep you and your loved ones happily engaged.

Surrounded by lush greenery and ample of coconut groves, the village of Sasawane is also famous for the Karmarkar Sculpture Museum which displays exquisite sculptures of great Indian personalities. This Alibaug beach is closer to Awas, just 2kms and for accommodation, you can book a stay at this resplendent farmhouse that offers you the choice between cosy cottages and modern tents.

#12. Agardanda Beach:

Another lesser-known Alibaug beach, the Agardanda beach provides a refreshing change of scenery for those looking for a tranquil vacation spot away from the constant buzz of the city lights. Encircled with coconut and betel nut groves, this place is famous for its rich marine life and as such, snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular water sports activities that you can enjoy here.

The major attraction closest to this beach is the Island Fort (Murud- Janjira fort) and this place is also a paradise for nature enthusiasts as it is a hub for various species of migratory birds. The alluring beauty of this beach is unmistakable and for a stay at this stunning island, you can book this beach-side wooden villa. This villa is also one of the best pet-friendly getaways.

#13. Alibaug Beach:

The Alibaug beach is the most popular beach amongst tourists. An ideal retreat for a laid-back holiday, this rocky, black sand beach lures the crowds with beautiful sunrises and sunsets and provides a sublime view of the historic Kolaba Fort. Famous for its water sports – motor-boat ride, kayaking and jet ski, this place also offers you a chance to visit a 400-year-old ancient Ganpati Temple that is revered by the locals and tourists alike.

October to May is the best time to visit this beach and apart from the scenic landscape, this place is also popular for its unique Konkani style coastal cuisine. From horse-riding and swimming to sunset leisure walks and building sand castles with your kids, the Alibaug Beach is a great place to spend a frolicking time with your family and friends.

#14. Rewas Beach:

An undiscovered paradise, the Rewas beach is 6kms away from the Alibaug Kihim beach and can be reached via the boat services from Mumbai (Bhaucha Dhakka) that can take you to the Rewas jetty. An interesting and inspiring locale, this beach is an offbeat getaway that offers fun activities like paragliding, surfing and boat rides and its expansive shoreline makes it a great place for introspection and moonlight strolls with our loved ones.

The Rewas beach is surrounded by scenic landscapes and magnificent trees and dense groves and is a fantastic place for a one-day picnic. Thus, if you were looking for an offbeat beach escape near Mumbai then your search ends here!

#15. Chikani Beach near Kashid:

The last but not the least on the Alibaug beach list is the Chikani beach that is located next to the famous Alibaug Kashid beach. An unexplored beach, this getaway is flawless with gentle rolling waters and is flanked by lush green hills. There are not many activities offered here and thus it is fairly deserted which makes it great holiday spot for solitude seekers.

If you are seeking a beach paradise away from the prying eyes then this is an ideal sojourn. Also, since it is not a rocky beach you can indulge in a quick dive as you explore the unchartered waters.


Nothing dissolves the stress of a hectic life like a good old’ trip to the beach. Everyday working life may make taking long trips to exotic locales difficult and as such, we bring to you the list of the best Alibaug beaches that you can visit on the weekends with your family and friends.

From popular tourist attraction to unexplored beaches to beaches that also offer you a glimpse of India’s rich historic past, you can take your pick from this comprehensive list of beaches near Alibaug and escape the urban jungle to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled holiday that will reinvigorate your senses.

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