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Long Weekends in 2018 – The Ultimate List of Holidays in India

Long Weekends in 2018 – The Ultimate List of Holidays in India

Are you a travel enthusiast? If yes, then you are going to love 2018 as it brings forth a host of holidays, 15 long weekends to be precise. If you’ve always wanted to travel off to far of places or if exploring the weekend getaways near Mumbai has been on your bucket list for a long time, then 2018 is the best time to tick these off your list.

So, without further ado, check out this ultimate list of long weekends in 2018 and plan your trips well in advance, so that you could make the most of your holidays with your family and friends.

Long Weekends in 2018 Infographic

The below-mentioned infographic comprises of all the long weekends in India in 2018. So cheer up and start planning now for that perfect holiday now!

Long Weekends List Infographic 2018

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1. Long weekend in January 2018

Long weekend in January 2018


January 26, Friday (Republic Day)
January 27, Saturday (Weekend)
January 28, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : For the first of the long weekends in 2018, you can visit this spacious abode in Alibaug. Located right next to the Awas beach, this bungalow comprises of 5 bedrooms, swimming pool and provides complete privacy allowing you to enjoy your vacation in complete solitude. Best part, at this vacation rental you can enjoy coastal delicacies as well as enjoy BBQ by the bonfire with your family or friends.

To know more, check out this beach bungalow now!

2. Long weekend in February 2018

Long weekend in February 2018


February 10, Saturday (Weekend)
February 11, Sunday (Weekend)
February 12, Monday (Take a leave)
February 13, Tuesday (Mahashivratri)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : February brings along 1 long weekend in 2018 and to make the most of it, you could visit this picturesque stay at Dapoli. Comprising of 3 well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite, this eco-friendly villa is a beach-front property offering you luxury and finger-licking local cuisine amidst wonderful views and is one the best romantic weekend getaways for couples.

So give your better half or loved one a delightful surprise this Valentine’s day and book this rustic villa in Dapoli for an unforgettable time.

3. Long weekend in March 2018

Long weekend in March 2018


March 1, Thursday (Holika Dahan)
March 2, Friday (Holi)
March 3, Saturday (Weekend)
March 4, Sunday (Weekend)

March 29, Thursday (Mahavir Jayanti)
March 30, Friday (Good Friday)
March 31, Saturday (Weekend)
April 1, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : One of the most popular Indian holidays in 2018, this farmhouse is away from the hustle-bustle of the city and is the best place for a Holi party. Providing you with a large outdoor swimming pool and surrounded by greenery, this is the ultimate destination where you can party all night and enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by the in-house chef.

Likewise, this holiday rental is also a great spot for the Easter long weekend as it offers you solitude in this midst of greenery and also has a clubhouse equipped with a host of games that’ll keep you entertained.

So, Click here to book this holiday home now!

4. Long weekend in April 2018

Long weekend in April 2018


April 28, Saturday (Weekend)
April 29, Sunday (Weekend)
April 30, Monday (Buddha Purnima)
May 1, Tuesday (Maharashtra Day)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : For the long weekend holiday in April, you could whisk your family or loved ones to this splendid resort in Mulshi. Apart from the serene view of the Mulshi lake, this resort offers you amenities like swimming pool, yoga studio, an in-house restaurant and the accommodation options include cottages and luxury tents that are fully air-conditioned.

Want to book a stay at this resort, go here!

5. Long weekend in May 2018

Long weekend in May 2018

6. Long weekend in June 2018

Long weekend in June 2018


June 15, Friday (Eid Ul-Fitr)
June 16, Saturday (Weekend)
June 17, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : If you are looking for a combination of natural beauty and luxury combined, then this pool villa in Karjat is where you should head right now. Offering spacious accommodation, this villa has a gaming area equipped with board games, air hockey, basketball and more. In addition, the bedrooms are all air-conditioned with attached bathrooms and the kitchen comprises of an indoor bar.

Sounds great? It surely is. Book now!

7. Long weekend in July 2018

Long weekend in July 2018

8. Long weekend in August 2018

Long weekend in August 2018


August 15, Wednesday (Independence Day)
August 16, Thursday (Take a leave)
August 17, Friday (Parsi New Year)
August 18, Saturday (Weekend)
August 19, Sunday (Weekend)

August 22, Wednesday (Eid Ul-Adha)
August 23, Thursday (Take a leave)
August 24, Friday (Take a leave)
August 25, Saturday (Weekend)
August 26, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : If you enjoy rains and love waterfalls, then Igatpuri is a must-visit place before the monsoon bids adieu. The panoramic view of lush green mountains and the verdant forest will leave you spellbound and the pleasant climate will reinvigorate your city-weary soul.

While visiting Igatpuri, you could stay at this beautiful villa that offers a wide range of modern amenities like WiFi, TV with cable connection, swimming pool and a well-maintained kid’s play area. What’s more, this stay is also one of the best pet-friendly getaways near Mumbai and provides you with 3 fully air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suite.

So hasten and book this place now to make the most of the long weekends in 2018 !

9. Long weekend in September 2018

Long weekend in September 2018


September 1, Saturday (Weekend)
September 2, Sunday (Weekend)
September 3, Monday (Janamashtami)

September 13, Thursday (Ganesh Chaturthi)
September 14, Friday (Take a leave)
September 15, Saturday (Weekend)
September 16, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : The Indian holidays’ calendar is incomplete without these two most loved festivals and as such, to make the most of it, you could visit this offbeat weekend getaway in Mulshi. Built on a large farmland, this resort comprises of cozy individual cottages. It offers you captivating views of the nearby mountain and the Mulshi lake. Additionally, the meals offered here are cooked from fresh farm produced providing you with a taste of the local culinary delight.

Want to explore this offbeat resort? Click here!

10. Long weekend in October 2018

Long weekend in October 2018


September 29, Saturday (Weekend)
September 30, Sunday (Weekend)
October 1, Monday (Take a leave)
October 2, Tuesday (Gandhi Jayanti)

October 19, Friday (Dussera)
October 20, Saturday (Weekend)
October 21, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Usher in the winter season by taking a trip to this scenic mountain villa in Panchgani. Comprising of 3 fully air-conditioned bedrooms, this holiday rental is nestled in the midst of lush green foliage and is an ideal retreat for those seeking a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate.

The other vacation rental option, which is a farmhouse in Nashik is perfectly suited for a large family and a group of friends. Providing you with all essential amenities, this farmhouse is a secluded property encircled by a verdant forest and offers you pure vegetarian meals prepared by the in-house chef.

11. Long weekend in November 2018

Long weekend in November 2018


November 3, Saturday (Weekend)
November 4, Sunday (Weekend)
November 5, Monday (Dhanteras)
November 6, Tuesday (Take a leave)
November 7, Wednesday (Diwali)
November 8, Thursday (Take a leave)
November 9, Friday (Bhai Duj)
November 10, Saturday (Weekend)
November 11, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : November offers the longest holiday in 2018 in India and to make the best of it, you could visit Wai or head to one of the most popular weekend getaways near Mumbai – Lonavala.

At Wai, you could stay at this contemporary farmhouse built on a lush green landscape. Here you have the option of booking a private cottage or staying in a well-appointed outdoor tent. You could also enjoy boating riding or a bullock cart ride as well as enjoy the feast of exquisite Maharashtrian cuisine, prepared from fresh-farm produced.

For those who prefer the cool climate of Lonavala, this contemporary villa and cottages are a great choice. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and have an attached bathroom. There is also an in-house chef who can cook veg & non-veg meals as per your choice. Lastly, this vacation rental can accommodate a group of 50+ people, making it an ideal retreat for a team outing, a small family event, or a friends reunion.

12. Long weekend in December 2018

Long weekend in December 2018


December 22, Saturday (Weekend)
December 23, Sunday (Weekend)
December 24, Monday (Take a leave)
December 25, Tuesday (Christmas)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Celebrate the last of the long weekends in 2018 and bring in the Christmas in style at this luxurious farmhouse in Alibaug. Encircled with coconut and mango groves, the indoor as well as the outdoor area at this holiday home is spacious. There is a swimming pool, wherein you can relax with a drink or if you love adventure then you could hop on an ATV bike and go explore the nearby surrounding. From an in-house chef to 5 fully air-conditioned bedrooms and other essential amenities, this place is great choice to create memories that you’ll cherish forever.

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Now that you have a list of the long weekends in 2018 in India along with the list of the best places that you can visit and stay during the holidays, its time that you make a plan with your family or friends, and book a stay now.

Holidays are a great time for family bonding and ensure that you have the best time with your friends, so don’t let the opportunities slip by you and get started on planning your holiday trip right away!

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