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Long Weekends in 2019 – The Ultimate List of Holidays in India

Long Weekends in 2019 – The Ultimate List of Holidays in India

Love travelling? Us too! So begin your year with a long holiday and soothe your senses with some refreshing weekend getaways near Mumbai. While the list of long weekends in 2019 may not be as extensive as 2018, it nevertheless, gives you a few opportunities to spend some lazy days ahead.

Thus, take a look at the Indian holiday list for 2019 infographic below. We have also offered you a few getaway suggestions that’ll make it easier for you to plan your weekend holidays.

So, go ahead and check it out now!

Long Weekends in 2019 Infographic

Here is the long weekends in 2019 in India infographic. Take a look and swiftly plan a getaway right away!

Long Weekends Infographic 2019

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1. Long Weekend in January 2019

Long weekend in January 2019


12th January, Saturday (Weekend)
13th January, Sunday (Weekend)
14th January, Monday (Take Leave)
15th January, Tuesday (Makar Sankranti)

26th January, Saturday (Republic Day)
27th January, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Begin your first long weekend in 2019 with a trip to one of the most famous getaways in Mumbai – Alibaug. The highlight of this getaway is the best beaches in Alibaug that are ideal for a one-day picnic and offers a wide range of water sports activities that you can indulge in. Best part, there are also ample accommodation options available in Alibaug.

If you are looking forward to visiting Alibaug, then here is a farmhouse in Zirad, that you can book right now. Comprising of 5 bedrooms, outdoor swimming pool with deck and various other amenities, this luxury farmhouse in Alibaug is a great vacation spot for a family holiday as well as a group holiday.

2. Long Weekend in February 2019

Long weekend in February 2019


16th February, Saturday (Weekend)
17th February, Sunday (Weekend)
18th February, Monday (Take Leave)
19th February, Tuesday (Shivaji Jayanti)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Make the most of your weekend holiday in February with a planned trip to Nashik. Enjoy the pleasant weather as you walk along the many vineyard plantations. Visit the famous Trimbakeshwar temple or embark on an adventurous journey as you explore the astounding Pandavleni caves in Nashik. Nashik in February is a great time to just relax and soak in some sunshine.

For accommodation, you can book a stay at this picturesque resort in Nashik. Offering you a spectacular view of the vineyard, this resort offers you the best-in-class amenities that include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa services and scrumptious cuisine along with wine tasting sessions.

3. Long Weekend in March 2019

Long weekend in March 2019


2nd March, Saturday (Weekend)
3rd March, Sunday (Weekend)
4th March, Monday (Mahashivratri)

21st March, Thursday (Holi)
22nd March, Friday (Take Leave)
23rd March, Saturday (Weekend)
24th March, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : March brings along 2 glorious long weekend holidays in 2019. One of the long weekends includes the much anticipated holiday in India – Holi. As such, for this weekend holiday, you can jet-set to Alibaug for a quick break. You can visit the best places in Alibaug or laze around on the beach. For a fun time with your family & friends, you can also book this amazing bungalow in Nagaon, Alibaug.

Located close to the beach, the USP of this vacation rental in Alibaug is the quiet neighbourhood, delicious home-cooked meals and big open outdoor space which makes it a perfect place for a group party.

4. Long Weekend in April 2019

Long weekend in April 2019


17th April, Wednesday (Mahavir Jayanti)
18th April, Thursday (Take Leave)
19th April, Friday (Good Friday)
20th April, Saturday (Weekend)
21st April, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : April is the best time to head to the hills before the extreme heat of May sets in. One of the best hill stations in Maharashtra is Panchgani. Apart from abundant greenery all around, this small hill station has some of the most breathtaking sightseeing options namely; Sydney Point, Dhom Dam, Kate’s Point, Lingmala Falls and other. More importantly, here, one can enjoy outdoor sports like trekking, go-karting, camping, horse riding etc.

For your long weekend stay, you can check out this splendid villa in Panchgani that overlooks the towering hills in the distance. Situated among the hills, this villa is a great place for those seeking solitude or looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

5. Long Weekend in May 2019

Long weekend in May 2019

6. Long weekend in June 2019

Long weekend in June 2019


5th June, Wednesday (Eid Ul-Fitr)
6th June, Thursday (Take Leave)
7th June, Friday (Take leave)
8th June, Saturday (Weekend)
9th June, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Before the monsoon season fully sets in, it’s time that you enjoy this fabulous long weekend in June. For the Eid weekend holiday, you can visit Mulshi which is a small hamlet in Maharashtra closer to Pune. Known for its dense forest, cascading waterfalls and the popular Mulshi Dam, this getaway is a refreshing holiday spot for trekking, camping, bird-watching and star-gazing.

For accommodation, you can take a look at this lake-view resort in Mulshi that offers luxuries like spa, in-house restaurant, outdoor pool and more. Here, you can either book a stay at one of the individual cottages or a luxury outdoor tent.

7. Long Weekend in July 2019

Long weekend in July 2019

8. Long weekend in August 2019

Long weekend in August 2019


10th August, Saturday (Weekend)
11th August, Sunday (Weekend)
12th August, Monday (Eid Ul-Adha)

15th August, Thursday (Independence Day)
16th August, Friday (Take leave)
17th August, Saturday (Weekend)
18th August, Sunday (Weekend)

24th August, Saturday (Janmashtami)
25th August, Sunday (Weekend)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : The second half of the Indian holiday list for 2019 starts with the longest weekend. To make the most of this weekend holiday, you can visit the most popular hill station – Lonavala. The ongoing monsoon would have made this getaway a nature lover’s paradise with dense greenery, cool mountain breeze, mesmerizing waterfalls and tranquil atmosphere. You can also enjoy the occasional showers and just immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty this getaway offers.

If you are planning a family picnic, a team getaway or a group holiday then you can book this phenomenal hill-top villa in Lonavala. This villa has 5 bedrooms, indoor fireplace, outdoor pool, onsite chef and ample indoor games and other facilities. This holiday rental can easily accommodate a group of up to 12 people.

9. Long Weekend in September 2019

Long weekend in September 2019


31st August, Saturday (Weekend)
1st September, Sunday (Weekend)
2nd September, Monday (Ganesh Chaturthi)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : The September weekend might be short but if you need a break from the hectic life then pack your bag and head to Karjat. Fast becoming the go-to getaway for most Mumbaikars, thanks to its close proximity to Mumbai, Karjat with its idyllic scenery and pleasant atmosphere is an incredible place to relax and unwind.

To this end, here is a farmhouse in Karjat that you can book. This farmhouse is surrounded by greenery, offers you home-made food, has an in-house artist studio, a nursery, outdoor pool and much much more. This farmhouse is huge and comprises of the main villa and separate cottages, so you can book a stay as per your preference.

10. Long Weekend in October 2019

Long weekend in October 2019


2nd October, Wednesday (Gandhi Jayanti)

5th October, Saturday (Weekend)
6th October, Sunday (Weekend)
7th October, Monday (Take leave)
8th October, Tuesday (Dussera)

26th October, Saturday (Weekend)
27th October, Sunday (Deepavali)
28th October, Monday (New Year)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Fly high this October weekend with a superb holiday in Kamshet. One of the most sought-after destinations for paragliding, Kamshet is a glorious hill station near Pune. From the beautiful Pawna lake that is ideal for camping to ancient caves & temples, this getaway will leave you spellbound by its natural splendour.

Thus, take your pick from the 2 long weekends in October and go visit this getaway with your loved ones. Also, for accommodation, check out this luxury bungalow in Kamshet for a fun and frolicking weekend.

11. Long Weekend in November 2019

Long weekend in November 2019


9th November, Saturday (Weekend)
10th November, Sunday (Weekend)
11th November, Monday (Take Leave)
12th November, Tuesday (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : Take a mini-vacation to Dapoli ahead of the last long weekend in 2019. The town of Dapoli in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is popular for the many tourist places and unexplored Konkan beaches that are closest to this getaway. At Dapoli, you can enjoy finger-licking cuisine and Malvani delicacies. You can also go on a boat ride and catch a glimpse or two of endearing Dolphins.

A rustic beach-front villa in Dapoli can be your accommodation while exploring the majestic beauty of this beach town. This vacation rental is an eco-friendly stay and provides basic amenities alongside pleasant ambience.

12. Long Weekend in December 2019

Long weekend in December 2019


25th December, Wednesday (Christmas)

28th December, Saturday (Weekend)
29th December, Sunday (Weekend)
30th December, Monday (Take Leave)
31st December, Tuesday (Take Leave)
1st January, Wednesday (New Year)

PLACES TO VISIT/STAY : The 2019 calendar with Indian holidays ends with a bang by offering you an extended weekend. If you’ve not taken a holiday break for a while then this long weekend gives you the opportunity to do so. Thus, get your buddies together and journey to the magnificent hill station – Igatpuri. Away from the bustling crowd, you can celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year at this calm & soothing getaway that is filled with stunning sights.

If you need complete privacy to enjoy your holiday, then no worries either, as here is a beautiful pool villa in Igatpuri that you can book right away. This 3 BHK villa offers your modern facilities like WiFi, have a 24/7 caretaker and a mini-bar. For meals, you have the option of ordering from the nearby restaurants and food joints. What’s more, this villa is also a pet-friendly accommodation which ensures you can bring along your four-legged buddy as well to join the party!


Hope this long weekends in 2019 infographic was helpful and assist you in planning great holiday trips ahead. The list might be shorter compared to the 2018 Indian holiday list but it nonetheless gives you the opportunity to take short breaks throughout the year.

So, don’t let the weekend holidays go to waste and book now from the exciting options offered to you. Happy Long Weekends!

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